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Hi, I'm Sarah

Retired from Drinking

but not from Fun!


I used to drink even though I knew I'd be better off without it.


I persevered because it's what everybody else was doing.


There was usually the G and T on a Thursday night, the few glasses of wine on a Friday night and the Saturday finishing off the bottle so it didn't "go to waste". 


Not every week looked like this.  Some weeks I didn't drink at all (Dry January and Sober October were firmly fixed in my calendar) and some weeks were ... well ... too much "fun!"


It took a long time to come to the realisation that the choice to drink (or not to) was down to me.


Many things got in the way of my decision for too long but it needn't take so much time or effort for you.


I'm here to help and support you

to do the same



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