A single spotlight session is a one hour zoom call to boost your Sober Superpower!

Do you need:

A listening ear?


Some quick help and support?

A bit of inspiration?




A gentle and loving nudge in the right direction?


If this is you at the moment, a single spotlight session could be exactly what you need


We spend an hour together fully focused on you and your drink less or alcohol free experiment  - Get clear, get moving, be joyful!


I'm Sarah and I'll be your champion, your guide-on-the-side, your hand-holder, your partner in crime on this journey! 




I'll continue to show you a new way to be happy that doesn't involve using alcohol to help you relax, destress, unwind, celebrate or commiserate... sound good?!


This is what a Drink Less; Live Better 1:1 Zoom call might look like...


1 hour long Zoom call

to supply you with tools, advice, inspiration and guidance 


Subjects tailored to you (but might include):

Resetting your goals

Remembering why your goals are so important

Addressing your Limiting beliefs

Looking at habit change and mindset

Not forgetting alcohol truth and lies

More physical, emotional and spiritual sober tools

Sound good? Of course it does... 


"Sarah's advice and tips on how to drink less are easy to follow, practical and achievable."

She is such an inspiration.


Sarah really understands how to drink less and even stop altogether without using willpower alone.


Sarah has truly inspired many to see the benefits of reducing their alcohol intake.


Julie Clark

Julie Clarke Nutrition


"Sarah is a real inspiration for anyone curious to know how to drink less - or not at all - and still be a super fun, social person who enjoys life to the fullest."


Kelly Pietrangeli
Project Me for Busy Mothers

"I would totally recommend Sarah's coaching for those who want to reduce their alcohol intake for a few days or even longer."

Sarah is armed with all the tools you need; mindset change, books to read, great alcohol free ideas and plans for what to say to others in social situations which usually involve alcohol."


The zoom calls and group support were great too and Sarah often shared her experiences with us which was super helpful.


Claire Ashton
Body Confidence Coach and Personal Trainer



Can I do the programme if I am alcohol dependent?


No, the best treatment for you will be from a medical professional, please seek advice from your Doctor on the best way for you to access the help that you need.  I am not a qualified Doctor and cannot help you if you need medical rehabilitation or a residential programme.


Will I have to stop drinking completely?


Well, No - I won't be able to come round to you house and wrestle the bottle out of your hand BUT, I strongly recommend you give the first week your best shot alcohol free.  You can choose to reduce your intake if you want - it's up to you, you'll set your own personal goals for the programme.


How will the programme be delivered?


One hour Zoom call - bookable after payment has been made


Any other questions please get in touch sarah@drinklesslivebetter.com